Genedia Property Solutions (GPS)

Property Management Solutions

The most complete Facility Management Solutions

As an integrated web-based application, ‘Genedia Property Solutions’ is purposely designed to support large-scale buildings with specific working characteristic such as area management, building system management, clientele services & lease management, utility management, security, cleanness, environment and so forth.

Genedia Property Solutions lends you its full support to any task required in building management. Not only can the application link up and connect dispersed data, but also can work in integration on maintenance, area management, client data, assets management, spare and replacement parts, building floor plans and layouts, office fit-out, service follow-up, energy data, contractor and vendor management, statistics analysis, performance evaluation and report preparing, which helps reduce costs and increase work efficiency for the users.

We are the Experts

Genedia Property Solutions has been designed and developed by professional team with more than 20-year experience in building and facility management. The development team is expert in database management, web service technology, as well as mobile technology. We also have a technical support team to provide consulting services for building management, facility management, maintenance management, and machine problem solving. Since we understand property business, we can customize the solution to best serve your property buildings.

Genedia Property Solutions is available in two versions to suit your requirement:

  • Standard Version: Designed for medium- to large-sized single building which has simple user authorization management.
  • Enterprise Version: Designed for large-sized building or building complex which has complicated user authorization management. The Enterprise Version is capable of branch management and can be connected to the ERP system.

Modules Available

  • Service Tracking
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Area Navigator
  • Utility Management
  • Purchase Tracking
  • News & Document Center
  • Inventory Management
  • Lease & Lease Sales Management
  • Meter Management
  • ERP interface