Genedia OPM

Solution for Field Data Collection for Operations and Maintenance

Genedia OPM is a solution for engineering data management, such as preventive maintenance planning including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually inspection of operation equipment. The solution can work with tablet in collecting field data, such as records of all works and operation data, which can reduce paper work and errors that may occur when collecting the data. To support decision-making, it is equipped with calculation and analysis function which can promptly detect machine irregularity. Furthermore, the solution can record equipment information and history. It can analyze historical data and display it in graph or export data to other system. It can also connect to work order issuing system. In terms of display, the solution reviews the data in three dimensions, namely completeness, accuracy, and correction to the saved data. Displayed in color boxes, review and error detection can be done swiftly, enhancing the capability of engineering to the maximum.